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Seedlings for the Forestry Sector

New Zealand’s Forestry Seedling Supplier

With a focus on quality yield, Riverside Horticulture’s forestry nursery supplies both native and exotic seedlings to New Zealand's growers. Whether you own or manage a forestry block, our seedlings provide the ideal foundation for high-yield growth.

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native planting by Koura Reserve
native planting in suburban area

Growing With Riverside

Source your seedlings from Riverside Horticulture and invest in your forest's future. Offering specialist lines of hybrid and cloned species, our high survival-rate seedlings offer proven reliability for your forestry projects. In turn, you’ll enjoy better productivity and profitability from planting to harvest.

High Production and Delivery Nationwide

At Riverside Horticulture, we have the capacity to scale in order to supply large plant orders while keeping quality control high. Our seedlings are packaged in specially designed forestry cartons for safe transport and delivered in refrigerated trucks, ensuring they reach you in peak condition ready for planting.

civil planting project on multi-lane road
Redwoods in greenhouse.

Your Forestry Supply Partner

As a commercial forestry nursery, we work with a wide range of customers. Whether you’re a forestry company looking for a reliable source of premium seedlings grown to order, you manage or oversee a forestry block, or you offer advisory services to the industry, we’re here to make your job easier. 

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